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You can book the body to body massage service at any time and from anywhere across Bangalore. Moreover, you can book the service at your place, and also at our place. You can also book a hotel and get the body to body spa service. We have been providing the most satisfying services for a decade now. Furthermore, we try to maintain our reputation at all times as one of the topmost ‘massage parlour near me.’ You can book our services over a call or online. Additionally, you can also physically visit our centre for bookings.

We provide the best reasons to select us. They are:

We are the direct spa owners, so you do not have to go through an intermediary or middleman. So, you can save on the commission charges.

When you enquire over the phone, we provide you with the exact information about the services and their charges. When you visit us, you can avail yourself of the same at costs discussed over the phone. There are no hidden charges, and we are totally transparent with our dealings with all customers.

Our girls will not ask for any tip upfront. If you are happy with the services, you can pay a tip.

If you want VIP models and actresses to service you, you can get the same at affordable rates. Moreover, you will be mesmerized by their buttery bodies and voluptuous assets.

You will be guided through the entire process of booking a service, to the delivery of the same, at your chosen place, by our representative.

You can enjoy your time at the spa at your convenience. Our girls will not be in haste to complete the process. Our girls will take time and will ensure that you get the enjoyment that you deserve.

So, these are reasons enough to book the female to male spa 24 hours at our spa. We can guarantee you the utmost satisfaction from the best females. Choose from college girls, models, actresses, bored housewives, and many more profiles. Every massage is a happy ending massage at our place.

So, these are reasons enough to book the female to male spa 24 hours at our spa. We can guarantee you the utmost satisfaction from the best females. Choose from college girls, models, actresses, bored housewives, and many more profiles. Every massage is a happy ending massage at our place.

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female to male spa near me 24 hours Body Massage Spa Bangalore


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How to book our Massage Service in simple ways


Step :1

If you want to book our massage services, you need to follow a few steps. Open our website on your computer or smart phone. Enter your postcode and start looking for body massage services.

Step :2

Our name will pop up on your screen instantly. You can go through the huge variety of body massage services. The various types of body massages that you can access are Swedish massage, Thai massage, Sandwich massage, Hot stone massage, and many more. Click on the massage type to reveal further details about the service. Prices vary according to the massage you choose.

Step :3

You can choose from a variety of body massage packages, ranging from basic to VIP. The prices also differ according to the service that you choose. You have to choose a specific time slot and also mention the date.

Step :4

You can also choose the profile of the massage girl from the options mentioned online. Read about the vital statistics of the masseur and then finalize.

Finally, you have to make the payment online. We accept credit cards, debit cards, and net banking as well. You can also pay via Google Pay and Phone Pay.

Ramya Body Spa Bangalore

Experience The Safest Massage By Female

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Once you locate the massage centre near me, we come into the picture. We are one of the most renowned spa massage centres in Bangalore. Moreover, people from all corners visit us. You will be amazed to know that we are one of the safest as well.

We are adept at fulfilling a male’s sexual fantasies in the safest settings. You do not have to hide and come to us. We can also send our girls to a spot where you are comfortable. Your privacy is guaranteed. Additionally, we do not share third-party information with clients. Do not go by advertisements from brokers. We have direct services. All our staff know their job well. So, you can expect nothing but the best satisfaction with the body to body spa. Stop looking for a ‘Massage parlour near me’, as we are here to serve you.



Erotic Massage

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Night Massage

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Tantra Massage

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Nude Massage

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Body to Body Massage Spa Service Bangalore

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We offer high quality body to body massage. Moreover, it ultra hygienic for your health benefit. All the

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Body To Body Massage:

Our high-profile girls do not hesitate to offer body-to-body massages. They can make you happy through their skills and talent. Our professional girls will give you a great body massage. They are beautiful, well trained and professional as well.

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Nuru Massage:

We offer erotic Nuru massage services for our clients. Our beautiful angels are well professional in giving Nuru massages. It will give your soul and body a different kind of relaxation. Moreover, you can enjoy the erotic session through our lovely girls.

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Thai Massage:

Ramyabodypsa gives the best Thai massage for all ages person. Our beautiful angels are well trained in giving Thai massages. The traditional therapy will leave you to experience the best relaxation and be fully light for long hours. Our Thai massage service is affordable and up to the standard.

Female To Male Body Massage Spa Services

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Female To Male Body Massage Spa Services

Female To Male Body Massage

Body massage services consist of special movements that heal, revive, and rejuvenate the body. You can get relief from a wide variety of physical and mental ailments if you undergo the massage at the best body massage centres. Moreover, our unique body massage services provide you with scope for erotic massage as well. Our name will pop up as one of the most unique ones when you search for ‘body massage near me’.

Female To Male Body to Body Massage in Bangalore

We can also provide body to body massage home services in the comfort of your home. Try our Nuru massage. It has arrived from the island country of Thailand. Nuru massage is a soapy massage in which the female masseurs will glide over your body and also provide you with sensual pleasure. Now, you can get relief from stress, anxiety, tiredness, and frustration with the help of our massages. By offering you the body to body massage, we provide you instant gratification. Massage therapy also boosts your energy levels and libido.

Female To Male Body to Body Massage in Bangalore

Body Massage Centres in Bangalore

When you arrive in Bangalore and looking forward to that extra something, we can help you. Your search for body massage spa near me ends here. Our professional masseurs at Ramya Body Spa will provide you with a unique combination of treatments and packages. Our therapists use unique scents to massage your body, that help get a different kind of ecstasy.

At Ramya Body Massage Centre, you can avail yourself of the best body massage services from a range of professionals. It is the best spa centre in Bangalore, the IT hub of India. You will get the finest boost without any inhibitions. Nowadays, people are more interested in premium cross-gender massages more than their own gender. Our services include the best cross-gender masseurs, who can give you value for your money. Our girls know exactly, what ticks, when it comes to such sexual massages. We are the best cross-gender masseurs in Bangalore for a long time. You will get the best treatments, according to your requirements. Moreover, you can also receive hand-to-hand and blow jobs. You can also avail of the best sexual gratification at minimal cost. After the session is over, you can also request for extra services like taking a bath with the girl.

Body To Body Massage Parlour in Bangalore

Ramya Body Spa is the topmost and one of the most renowned female to male spa services in Bangalore. Our female therapists will provide you with the best massage ever. Moreover, they are extremely skilled and experienced. Our female therapists and masseurs are very hot and sexy too. All the girls have the softest of hands and bodies to give you an invigorating massage. You can avail yourself of the services of Female to male spa 24 hours.

You should understand the whole process of B2b massage from us.

You can see the profiles of all the girls on our website. Thereafter, you can select the girl according to your needs. The vital statistics of all the girls are mentioned very clearly on the website. When you book an erotic massage from us, you get what you are promised.

After you select the girl, you need to tell us what type of massage service you require from us. You will get the same according to your liking, at a spot selected for you. You can also choose body to body massage home services.

You can also choose more than one girl and go for a twin massage. Four hand massages are doing really well in the market today. When four hands work on your body in synchronicity with one another, you get two body massages at one time. It is a powerful treatment that allows you to experience bliss to the fullest.

You can also choose your spa therapy room from the various types available. Our girls will take you on the detour.

We use the best aromatherapy massage oils to ensure that you get the right physical treatment and mental stimulation as well. You can choose from a wide range of oils like rose oil, ylang-ylang, sandalwood oil, rosemary oil, or jasmine oil mixed with a potent carrier oil like olive oil or jojoba oil. Each oil has its own properties to bestow upon you.

You will be massaged and seduced at the same time. You may keep asking for more while the process takes place. The masseurs can give you the best sexy massage to meet your needs. They will climb on top and even glide their bodies over yours. Experience the ultimate relaxation and calmness after the session.

You can also ask for a breast to chest sort of massage, at some extra nominal cost. You will definitely reach the threshold with this type of sexual massage. When you cannot hold any more, you can also request the Nuru massage. You will get it when you are on the threshold.

Erotic Massage Bangalore

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Erotic Massage Near Me Bangalore

Female To Male Body Massage

Ramya Body Spa is the best B2b massage centre in Bangalore. We have all sorts of customers, from students, and businessmen to tourists. We get our girls tested for STDs and communicable diseases every month, so you can rely on our excellent massage services. We maintain the utmost cleanliness and hygiene in our services. Our therapists will remove all your tiredness within an hour of services.

Get massaged with the best olive oils, mixed with different aromatic oils that make the body smooth. You can ask for body to body massage at your home, as well. Initially, the massage starts with hands only. As you get more comfortable with the masseur, they will climb on you and start massaging you with their entire bodies. Enjoy the relaxing movements with the help of various scents and oils in the comfort of your home or our centre. We can provide you massage services from college girls, VIP models, foreigners, and bored housewives. So, you can take your pick from amongst various categories. We have the best assets for you here.

Body Massage Spa In Bangalore

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Body Massage Spa In Bangalore

A technique that has been around for many decades, body to body is a practice that offers a terrific blend of both ecstasy and fun. As it has many variants, the satisfaction varies from person to person. Body to body in Ramya spa in Bangalore is a journey that offers pleasure in various ways. Whether it's physical pleasure or pleasure for the inner body, the therapists apply a certain formula to meet different needs, resulting in the creation of a unique sense of lightness or spirit in your body or soul.

Getting a Body Massage Spa at Bangalore is both affordable and comfortable. With the high-quality features available at a reasonable price, you are sure to come again for the same 100% satisfaction experienced before. On the other hand, our variety of spa services will enable you to explore and try different options.

With experienced staff available at any time for your Home service, you can come for refreshment at any time. We have designed a peaceful atmosphere that makes you feel Massage relaxed and allows you to draw soothing energy from it. As energy is what is needed at the end of the day, you will go through a series of processes, all of which help you to regain energy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Check the working hours of a particular Body Massage Parlor or Spa in HSR Layout and choose the timings accordingly. You can do advance online booking through a mobile app or website. Online services are open 24/7.

The time for every massage will not be equal. However, the available duration will be from 30 to 60 minutes. But it can be longer in some cases also.

Yes, most massage parlors provide customized services at different rates to give you maximum satisfaction.

Yes, you can enjoy the services at your home by contacting the concerned Body Spa professionals. Pre-booking and advanced payment are mandatory for having such services.

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